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Some lots face directly onto the lake. Others are further back or higher up the hill. Some of the higher ones have great views. Lots furthest from the lake are next to the Natural Area. All lots are fully serviced (water, sewer, power and gas).

As well, there is easy access into Lakeland Provincial Park and the adjoining Provincial Recreation Area. This is also the reason some call us the Canmore of the North.



Condominiums are special pieces of real estate. Part of the property is owned privately. Part is owned by everyone together. In bareland condominiums, the lots are owned privately. Common areas like the roadways and dumping station are owned together.


Most frequently asked questions

This is some of the most affordable (fully serviced) recreational property in western Canada. For pricing on a specific lot, check HERE

Yes! Owners are encouraged to build a cabin or cottage.

To build on your lot, you must follow County regulations. You can find that info here:

County Development Requirements

No. Some buyers will park a recreational vehicle (RV). Some will hold the property as an investment.

Yes! The lots are fully serviced with water, sewer, gas and power. 

Yes. This is common with any condominium. The fees are $1600 per year. The year-end is May 31st.

Condo fees are used to take care of the common areas and amenities like the roadways, boat dock and the dumping station. The fees also cover the water and sewer for your lot.

Owners elect a condo board.  As with any condo association, elected board members make decisions on behalf of owners. 

The Condo Association is managed by a Board made up of elected owners. The Board runs the day to day operations. Elinor Lake Resort is no longer the majority shareholder, though it is still a major one.  






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